Operational leadership - Second, we strive for the best construction, operations and maintenance of our terminals to deliver safe, efficient and clean storage and handling services at competitive costs. This requires a passion for continuous improvement in the daily work at the terminals. At ADI LOGISTICS BV , we value the personal connection and the close working relationship among employees, with partners, contractors, customers and authorities.

We value sharing best practices and learning from each other. We believe in team spirit and agility in order to act swiftly on response to changing circumstances and demands while upholding our commitment to safety, health and the environment. We call this Operational Leadership.

Customer leadership - Third, we want to provide the best services to our customers. The majority of our customers are leading international, regional and national companies operating in the oil, chemicals and gas sector, for which ADI LOGISTICS BV stores a large variety of products destined for a wide range of industries.

Customers include producers, distributors and traders, with whom we aim to build long-term relationships and true partnerships. This requires integrity, commitment and the ability to respond adequately to both the long-term and short-term needs of our customers. We call this Customer Leadership.

Sustainability foundation - These three pillars rest on a foundation of sustainability. Our sustainability strategy consists of four main themes, with care for Safety & Health and care for the Environment at the core. A third theme is being a Responsible Partner for the communities in which we operate. Finally, we work to attract, train and retain Excellent People, in reflection of our belief that the leadership of our company depends on the leadership of every ADI LOGISTICS BV employee.

Network - In light of the changing energy and petrochemical landscape and a continuing economic shift from West to East over the globe, ADI LOGISTICS BV has updated its terminal portfolio criteria for its existing terminals and its business development activities. We have defined terminal portfolio criteria on four types of business models as depicted hereafter.

The early selection of growth opportunities on the basis of these criteria will ensure a focus on projects that are in line with our strategy. Together with the improvements at our existing key locations, the strengthening of our service levels and our defined divestment program of assets, the risk-return profile of our global terminal portfolio will be further aligned with the defined strategic criteria.

ADI LOGISTICS BV strategy is to create hub terminals, such as Gate terminal and TLA, for the import, but also to redistribute in smaller quantities to satellite terminals for distribution to local markets. This is what we call our ‘break bulk model’. In addition, we want to offer flexible service concepts at our terminals. This allows our customers to purchase different services like storage, back loading and transshipment at our facilities.

ADI LOGISTICS BV operates a wide portfolio of terminals and tank storage facilities. Our network consists of a great variety of storage terminals to cater for a wide range of products in order to meet the requirements of our customers. We strongly believe in the future use of fuel for ships and land based vehicles as well as an alternative energy supply for industrial customers not having access to the gas grid.

Industrial terminals - Our terminal network includes a number of industrial terminals, where we undertake logistic tasks for our customers at neighboring chemical complexes. Our key international hub locations are Rotterdam, Houston and Montreal. ADI LOGISTICS BV strategy is to create hub terminals, such as Gate terminal and TLA, for the import, but also to redistribute in smaller quantities to satellite terminals.